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  What is phpCMS?

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  What is phpCMS

phpCMS is more than just a content management system: it is also a templating engine and an application framework.

phpCMS simplifies many tasks for maintaining complex web sites. phpCMS automatically updates the sitemap, has central administration of menus, and has a comprehensive full-text search. It simply and powerfully separates site layout from site content. This leaves the webmaster free to focus on perfecting the site, instead of wrestling with its coding.

Changes to your website's layout or menus are only made once, and take effect immediately, throughout the entire site. The integration of external applications into the your web site is also possible. PHP scripts can be directly integrated into phpCMS, and the Webgrab module (which allows the integration of any HTTP-addressable application, regardless of programming language) adds substantial functionality and flexibility. phpCMS also has many plugins and scripts available to make administering a site even easier.

phpCMS is not a "drag and drop" toolkit - but it is easy to use, even for a novice HTML author.

So-called portal systems often limit your website to a few prefabricated modules. phpCMS offers a flexible framework that can be integrated with most existing thirdparty applications. This flexibility offers more power and customization, but may require the user to learn a bit more.

Rather than including everything in the core system (forums, eShop, news system, picture gallery, etc), phpCMS allows you to include these elements at your discretion, and allows you the further option of choosing which software you would like to use for them.

We are convinced that it is better to let the user decide which tools are right for their site, instead of providing a system which does many things, but can not be easily expanded or customized.

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