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  Important: Remote execution vulnerability in phpCMS!

There was a remote execution security vulnerability discovered, which can be found in all phpCMS versions prior to phpCMS 1.2.2.
In phpCMS 1.2.2 this vulnerability is fixed.
Users of older phpCMS versions are highly urged to update their installation to phpCMS 1.2.2

  Current version of phpCMS

The current version of phpCMS can be downloaded either as a ZIP archive or as a TAR.GZ / TAR.BZ2 tarball. If you want to run it on a Windows server use the ZIP archive. If you want to run it on a *nix server, use a tarball. This version of phpCMS has undergone comprehensive testing and it is the version we recommend to use in production web environments.

The downloadable package includes a fully functional demo, both in English and in German.

The installation is simple and fast (see the Installation chapter of the online documentation).

Should you encounter any difficulties during installation, you can always refer to the FAQ section of the online documentation or to the support forum, where the developers and other users will try to help you.

To download the current version of phpCMS click on the link of the package of your choice, save it to your computer, then unpack it and follow the (included) installation instructions.

19/06/2006:   phpCMS 1.2.2 (stable)
Version 1.2.2 (ZIP archive, ca. 690kb)
Version 1.2.2 (TAR.GZ tarball, ca. 530kb)
Version 1.2.2 (TAR.BZ2 tarball, ca. 440kb)
Changes: (since 1.2.1pl2 final)  The most important changes are:
  • Remote execution vulnerability fixed!!,
  • New optionale parameter IFNOTEMPTY fot the MENU command
  • New optional PREACTIVE and POSTACTIVE menu subtemplates
  • Usage of a single template file for content, sitemap and search is now possible
  • Backup interface for the online-editor
  • New edittype "SELECT" for the online-editor
  • many small enhancements and bugfixes
A detailed listing of all changes can be found in the changelog.
  Older versions of phpCMS

Older versions of phpCMS are available here, mainly for documentary purposes.
We do not recommend to using these versions instead of the most recent version, unless there is a well founded reason.

31/05/2005:   phpCMS 1.2.1pl2  [Changelog]
Version 1.2.1pl2 (ZIP-Archiv, ca. 690kb)
Version 1.2.1pl2 (TAR.GZ-Tarball, ca. 520kb)
Version 1.2.1pl2 (TAR.BZ2-Tarball, ca. 430kb)
25/11/2004:   phpCMS 1.2.1pl1  [Changelog]
Version 1.2.1pl1 (ZIP-Archiv, ca. 690kb)
Version 1.2.1pl1 (TAR.GZ-Tarball, ca. 520kb)
Version 1.2.1pl1 (TAR.BZ2-Tarball, ca. 430kb)
16/08/2004:   phpCMS 1.2.0  [changelog]
Version 1.2.0 (ZIP archive, ca. 630kb)
Version 1.2.0 (TAR.GZ tarball, ca. 480kb)
Version 1.2.0 (TAR.BZ2 tarball, ca. 400kb)
08/10/2003:   phpCMS 1.2.0rc1  [changelog]
Version 1.2.0rc1 (ZIP archive)
Version 1.2.0rc1 (TAR.GZ tarball)
16/06/2003:   phpCMS 1.2.0beta2  [changelog]
Version 1.2.0beta2 (ZIP archive)
Version 1.2.0beta2 (TAR.GZ tarball)
02/05/2003:   phpCMS 1.2.0beta1  [changelog]
Version 1.2.0beta1 (ZIP archive)
20/10/2002:   phpCMS 1.1.9  
Version 1.1.9 (ZIP archive)
04/10/2002:   phpCMS 1.1.8pl1  
Version 1.1.8pl1 (ZIP archive)
28/09/2002:   phpCMS 1.1.8  
Version 1.1.8 (ZIP archive)
24/04/2002:   phpCMS 1.1.7  
Version 1.1.7 (ZIP archive)
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